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The question is simple. The homepage says in huge letters "Play for free." Does that mean the game is free to play or just play for free before the game releases? Also, if it is F2P, how are you planning to make a profit?

Watching and waiting for the demo ;). Anxious for when there is some meat to the game (AI etc) but if there is enough there when the first demo comes out, you can expect to see a video from me soon.
Good question. :)

Our approach to F2P is, as we're developing the game we will release updates that anyone can download for free. Updates are either in the form of mini-demos (we show off and allow players to test an individual feature of the game that's in development) or full re-releases of the game itself (where the feature is developed and debugged enough to be put in with the rest of the game). These updates can be graphics improvements, new tech installments like middleware (Example: Euphoria, DMM, HumanIK, fluid simulations, etc.), bug fixes and other changes that improve the game as a whole.

The moneymaking bit is in allowing the player to buy character packages called "Heroes". Each hero has his own model, backstory, and has a number of perks, weapons, items and/or "tilesets" (explained below) that he can use in-game. Some characters might come with 6 different weapons, while another character might have several more perks than most other heroes.

However, rest assured that while this game is free-to-play, it is NOT pay-to-win. Buying heroes is strictly something you can do to customize and personalize the game to fit your play style. It is similar to unlocking characters in other games (Soul Calibur and Super Smash Bros. come to mind for me) in that no hero is necessarily better or worse than any other; it's just a matter of what you prefer to play with.

In fact, at any time there will be at least three heroes available (we will pick different ones every month or so) that you can play as for free. You can also unlock heroes simply by playing the game long enough; the benefit here is we believe this will cause players intent on unlocking characters without paying to invite their friends, causing viral spreading, and catching the attention of more people willing to pay.

Also, I mentioned that heroes can have their own "tilesets". Tilesets are basically the appearance of your character's building blocks.
As you may have seen in the video, you can build using cubes similar to Minecraft. But instead of being simply a six-sided platonic solid, it can have trim, grooves, trusses, arches, studs, railings, and even physically simulated objects attached. Down the line our goal is to diversify the tilesets to such an extent that it looks like you're building fully-fleshed-out architecture that'd take weeks for a graphics artist to produce.

Thanks for checking out the game. :mrgreen:
You should make players be able to buy your heroes with in-game money too as it would be unfair and many would leave the game instead, if you can instead making customization stuff payable but still have some ways of unlocking them (even it if takes some more time to get).
i would rather see buy to play modules personally, but the fact of the matter is that online games need servers to operate and someone has to be willing to pay for something for them to stay up.

i personally dont ever buy skins/costumes but i would buy items like larger inventories or faster build tools or even a monthly fee for some perk (like extra jump height).
Yeah servers definitely cost. The heroes that can be bought via real money will also be able to be bought down the line using in-game earned money. So for example, if you play a game online and finish it, you will earn a little credits, and after a while these add up and you can purchase a hero with no really money just in-game earned credits. But this won't kick in until we have the multiplayer up and running.

As for pricing and stuff, we are thinking of something like LOL, but with one major difference being that while the game is in very early alpha we give you 4x the points or something and so on(so buy one hero, get the next 3 free!). And when it hits alpha you get 3x the points. and so on... That way until the game is truly done, you get a huge discount for being early supports. Minecraft did this, and I think it was cool.

We wont be selling perks and the such individually because we are not going to be pay to win. But buying a hero is not cosmetic. For example, lets say you buy a flamethrower hero, that can burn down wooden structures, like entire forests on fire, ect. Lets say he has 4 unique weapons, plays and feels different, different stats completely, but is still balanced with the other heros. This wouldn't be cosmetic but an entire different way of playing the game.

Other things we may sell are huge packs for the sandbox mode, like a golf course building pack that allows you to build greens, irrigation, sand traps, water traps, tee boxes, ect. and then invite your friends to build with you and play golf on your course. Stuff like this would be fun, and maybe cost a couple bucks and would give tens of hours more of play in the sandbox past all the existing free stuff.

On top of this we will still sell skins for the player who really want to customize their appearance.

The beauty in my mind of a great F2P games is that it is built to be fair, balanced, and everyone can invite their friends to play with them, and a bustling multiplayer community because of it. This is why we feel it's best for StarForge. Plus, since were two guys with no money, marketing or any major news connections is impossible, so we need the community to help us out by spreading the word. And what better way for the community to grow than in a F2P game. :)
space golf does sound pretty fun.

you dont plan on selling material packs for the regular game though? i dont quite grasp how things will work exactly but if it takes time to build a wall for example would you sell a pack of 50 prefab walls that can be placed instantly?

gamers gate does sell f2p ..i dunno what you would call them "packs" for a couple games by the way.
Looking good
crud wrote:
I cant use paypal (Im only 16)

Although PayPal is the only means of payment we support right now, fortunately it is possible to pay for HatchPoints without signing up for a PayPal account. This is possible using a credit card, and you can buy prepaid credit cards at most grocery stores without needing to be 18 or over.
However, since you are not an adult we need you to get permission from your parent(s) or guardian(s) before making any purchases, and that they are well-informed about your purchasing decisions, as well as your decision to use a credit card. If the credit card doesn't belong to you, you will similarly also need permission from the cardholder.
If you can't make the purchase under these conditions and in an otherwise ethical, responsible way we ask that you not make the purchase at all. If you can, great! Many thanks for supporting us and have fun with your unlimited HP for when the game is out. :)

Here is how to purchase HatchPoints online without needing a paypal account:

1. Make sure you carefully read, fully understand and accept the terms of agreement before doing any of this.

2. Click the following buttons as they appear:

3. Fill out the blanks that appear. You may use your parents' / guardians' information, or the cardholder's information to complete the form, with similar permissions from them.

I think this is all that is required to make a purchase this way. :)
Oh guys I had another idea.

Everything wich affects the gameplay should be possible to be bought with in-game money only.

Heroes can be bought with both real money and in-game currency.

Cosmetics could only be bought with real money such as weapons skins, heroes customization and etc.

You can also have discounted Bundles with certain items and maybe heroes.
Thanks for your suggestions. Were gonna definitely have the ability to earn everything in the store through in-game currency. However, it will only be earn-able while playing the multiplayer modes when they are implemented.

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